Conclusion of the 62nd  Meeting of ARABOSAI Governing Board

Conclusion of the 62nd Meeting of ARABOSAI Governing Board

The 62nd meeting of the ARABOSAI Governing Board, which was hosted by the State Audit Bureau, was concluded over two days with the participation of the heads of the supreme audit institutions of members of the Governing Board, as the Board discussed the topics on its agenda.

His Excellency Sheikh Bandar bin Mohammed bin Saoud Al-Thani, President of the State Audit Bureau – the President of ARABOSAI emphasized that the candid discussions and the exchange of constructive opinions enabled the Board to come up with many decisions and recommendations to improve the work of the organization and enhance its efforts in developing the audit work of the Arab SAIs.

His Excellency added that the organization, thanks to the concerted efforts of everyone, including the General Secretariat, which made double efforts, which enabled us to turn challenges into opportunities. As we succeeded in developing appropriate mechanisms to limit the effects of Covid-19 pandemic on the work of our organization by developing many pioneering initiatives that will contribute to the development of the institutional and professional capabilities of the organization’s members.

The Governing Board members praised the great support provided by the State Audit Bureau of Qatar to the Arab Organization, noting that the development projects and initiatives prepared by the State Audit Bureau and approved by the Board will contribute to activating the organization’s work mechanisms and enhancing its efforts to improve the performance of ARABOSAI members.

The Governing Board has approved the package of development initiatives prepared by the State Audit Bureau of Qatar for the benefit of the organization. The Board also approved a the proposal to sign a memorandum of understanding with The Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO), with the aim of benefiting from the experience of this organization in implementing the programs of ARABOSAI  related to the sustainable development goals in the fields of education, culture and science. The Board also approved the final account for the year 2020, and the estimated budget for the year 2021.