Employment with the State Audit Bureau

The State Audit Bureau provides diverse opportunities and options in various areas, together with applying the best practices in the field of human resources to ensure efficiency and productivity, and to encourage performance excellence. By joining the Bureau, you will become part of a team that works professionally to protect public funds and contribute to ensuring a better future for our generations.


Training and Development

The Bureau invests strongly in the human cadre and seeks to develop capacities to build a human cadre capable of carrying out its functions efficiently and professionally. The Center of Excellence for Training and Development implements the best practices in this field and works on planning and developing the career paths of the employees of the Bureau, in a manner that ensures job satisfaction and promotes efficiency and productivity.


Training of Students

The Bureau organizes courses for university students to familiarize them with the work mechanisms of the Bureau and develop their abilities to approach work-life. The Center of Excellence for Training and Development offers two types of training for students, one of which is a field training at the official request of the university, where the second type is optional as desired by the students in coordination with the Center of Excellence for Training and Development.


Attractive Work Environment

Employment with the Bureau provides great opportunities to increase the level of capabilities and competencies amid an environment conducive to creativity and innovation, reflecting the level of the Bureau as a pilot national institution.